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This is my fifth album and I believe my best. Rhythm and Blues is something I've been doing for a long time. There are also Blues Rock'n'Roll, Jazz harmonic stuctures, and singer/songwriter lyrical things I've learned from Jackson Browne, Steely Dan, Sting, and Tracy Chapman whose bands I have worked in. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, pretty much describes what I do in my music. CHOOSE YOUR OWN UNKNOWN.

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CIRCA 1990

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or via EMAIL​ $15 (shipping incl.) 
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Jeff Young & The Youngsters was a band that assembled to play a regular night in an Irish Bar in Queens and was a really good band, so good that Donald Fagen taking a break from Steely Dan hired us to be the rhythm section of an event called New York Rock & Soul Review. We were close to making a record, but no cigar.
The members were:
Jeff Young
- Keyboards & Vocals
John Hagen
- Tenor & Soprano Sax & Vocals
Drew Zingg
- Guitar & Vocals
Lincoln Schleifer
- Bass
Denny McDermott
- Drums

This photo was taken by William Coupon with much help from Lisa Young sometime in 1990 in New York. The track is a live track, "Lonely Teardrops" sung by Michael McDonald.
Many moons ago my friend Vinny Mongeluzo showed me this red Wurlitzer electric piano in his cemetery of forgotten musical instruments. I was so charmed the first time I played it that I talked him into selling it to me. It was not only the fact of it sounding good with just the right amount of Tremelo thru its tiny speakers, but it seemed to help me find good songs too. Like they were always there just waiting to be played. All the songs on this cd were written on my little red Wurlitzer piano with a little help from my musical friends: Jorgen Carlsson, Steve Ferrone, Erik Eldenius, Sheldon Gomberg, Van Romaine, Bill Churchville, Patrick Warren, Lincoln Schleifer, Rob Paparozzi, Mike Campbell & Drew Zingg.

I wrote a musical called One Hit Away about a guy who believes that one hit will settle his past and secure his future. With leading man talent, good looks and charms for the ladies, and many suits to fit his soul, he goes West to find the American Dream, Or is it the impossible dream? His name is Pure Herringbone.

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