​“... perhaps we should take a closer look at how a successful combination of blues, pop, a little jazz, swing, lots of balladesque elements and many other components can sound when it doesn’t come from a 25-year- old everybody’s-darling girl but by a renowned and internationally sought-after keyboardist with outstanding singer/songwriter qualities: Jeff Young!
Pure Herringbone is about the dreams that we chase and that will perhaps never come true. With this album, Jeff Young has made at least his own dream come true: a concept soul recording with a lot of depth and of course lots of emotion which evokes in dreamlike images the hard life of a musician on his quest for that one great hit record.”

musikreviews, Thoralf Koß
http://www.musikreviews.de/reviews/2015/Jeff-Young/Pure- Herringbone/

“Pure Herringbone features fantastic musical quality. There are a lot of highlights, but I personally have grown particularly … well, fond of "Don't It Just Break Your Heart". Mind you, "The Color Of Money", "Dodging Bullets" and the final "Stand Clear Of The Closing Doors" are also more than just worth their money. What we have here is a very cool soul recording. Laid-back without blowing a lot of hot air but graced with superior musical and vocal performances instead. All those who have seen and heard the man solo or with a backing band will already have come to appreciate his qualities.”
rocktimes, Markus Kerren

"A musical versus a concept album? Boundaries become blurred and in fact totally irrelevant when you enjoy these ten varied and excitingly produced tracks. What remains is quality. Premium-level entertainment. And that’s how his Pure Herringbone album sounds, which has been available in the US since 2010: mature, sensitive, well thought-through and, above all, never boring. His involvement in Donald Fagen’s "The New York Rock & Soul Revue" between 1989 and 1992 has evidently left traces in Jeff Young’s work, some of the songs sounding as if they were pretty close to the spirit of that revue or STEELY DAN's "Aja" and "Gaucho"era. Very tasteful in a wonderful way, perhaps even sophisticated, yet full of soul and swing. Virtuosos such as Robben Ford and Josh Smith on guitars, GOV'T MULE’s Jorgen Carlsson on bass and the New York City Horns, which are very present throughout, vitalise the album with exciting contributions. Top notch. A spirited recording with a difference, a sense of humour and charm."
hooked-on- music, Frank Ipach

"The songs are a mix of soul, blues, pop, jazz and rock. Brought to you by a cast that impresses on all accounts, although I think I may not be familiar with all the musicians involved. But names such as Jackson Browne, Jorgen Carlsson or Robben Ford should ring a bell.
The CD tells the fictitious story of Pure Herringbone, who dreams of changing his life with that one elusive hit record. The songs deal with vision and ambition, obstacles and the machinations of the music industry. And I must say, I was impressed from the moment I started listening. There’s something about this music that grabbed me. Something very much like a warm bath or putting on that old coat. Instantly very comfortable. This music is delivered from the heart and that’s what you will also feel when you listen to it. If Jeff Young’s new album is anything like this, count me in!"