“Jeff Young is ... an outstanding vocalist with velvety soul nuances in his voice which really caress. And he’s a songwriter who knows how to emphasize his strong points without piling too much cream on the cake. More Song Than Dance is perfectly produced pop music with enough attitude to steer clear of shallowness. And a really charming way of being entertaining.” 
~ Dynamite 03/13 

"A wonderful album! “More Song Than Dance” is an impressive gem which stands out thanks to its great intensity. His latest album sees Jeff Young present songs in finest singer /songwriter style, … performing them with his sensitive voice, which makes for a haunting atmosphere. Highly recommended." 
~, Stephan Schelle 

"This album is a real must-buy! Sometimes we forget to live, and it takes musicians like Jeff Young to remind us in those brief quiet moments of the day (…) to enjoy life and truly value again the things which are its essence – simply, quietly and movingly. Turn on the music. And switch off the world. Almost every song on his current album has a melancholy air without coming across as sad or indeed depressing. Jeff Young succeeds effortlessly in interpreting each of his songs in a convincing and likable style (…) When listeners feel that an artist loves his music they know they’re holding the right album in their hands. (…) Turn off the music and switch on life. Thanks for the break, Jeff Young.” 
~, Sandrine Siregar 

"More Song Than Dance is an album title which sounds so unostentatious, direct, self-confident and straight- forward that you just have to love it. After all it almost inevitably implies the intention of wanting to present more of the substantial and less of the trivial. And that’s exactly what you expect from an artist such as Jeff Young. And so Jeff Young has gone and enlisted a number of illustrious co-authors as songwriters to give shape and content to his musical vision. Colleagues such as Keith Reid (Procol Harum), Michael O'Keefe (Bonnie Raitt) and Maggie Ryder (Eric Clapton, John Farnham) have supported Jeff in his songwriting. Apart from that, the songs are of course a little keyboard-oriented, but a talented artist like Jeff Young knows how to include lots of exciting moments with his intelligent arrangements and the use of Wurlitzer, Hammond B-3, synthesizers (rare) and grand piano.… Highly accomplished!" 
~, Frank Ipach​